de|sign1 W1S3 [dıˈzaın] n
1¦(process of planning)¦
2¦(arrangement of parts)¦
6 have designs on something
7 have designs on somebody
the art or process of making a drawing of something to show how you will make it or what it will look like
The new plane is in its final design stage.
the design process
the design team
a course in graphic design
computer-aided design
the way that something has been planned and made, including its appearance, how it works etc
The car's design has been greatly improved.
design of
the design of the new building
Some changes have been made to the computer's basic design.
a design fault
The electric windows are an important design feature of this model.
3.) ¦(PATTERN)¦
a pattern for decorating something
a floral design
Vinyl flooring is available in a wide range of designs.
4.) ¦(DRAWING)¦
a drawing that shows how something will be made or what it will look like
design for
the design for the new sports centre
5.) ¦(INTENTION)¦ [U and C]
a plan that someone has in their mind
by design
We shall never know whether this happened by accident or by design.
He has some grand designs for the company.
6.) have designs on sth
to want something for yourself, especially because it will bring you money
Several developers have designs on the property.
7.) have designs on sb
formal to want a sexual relationship with someone
It soon became obvious that he had designs on her.
design 2
design2 W1S3 v [T]
[Date: 1300-1400; Origin: French désigner, from Latin designare, from signare 'to mark']
1.) to make a drawing or plan of something that will be made or built
The tower was designed by Gilbert Scott.
design sth for sth
She designed a new logo for the company.
well/badly etc designed
a badly designed office
specially designed software
2.) [usually passive]
to plan or develop something for a specific purpose
design sth to do sth
These exercises are designed to strengthen muscles.
be designed for sb/sth
The course is designed for beginners.
be designed as sth
The book is designed as a reference manual.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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